In the not-too-distant past, I was in a position where I couldn’t take care of myself financially.  As anyone who’s ever been poor can tell you, that has an effect on everything in your life.  It’s pretty miserable.  I’m fortunate enough to have family to fall back on, and I did.  I still have a long […]

I was called a bitch at work today. I was sticking to shop policy, and wouldn’t break a dollar bill into quarters unless she bought something. She was being aggressive and said I could do it out of my tip jar, which made me nervous she was going to make a move toward stealing it. […]

I put this dress on today and loved it so much, I wanted to share!  I wore it to a wedding a little over a year ago, and hadn’t touched it since, until today I decided it was the perfect Easter dress.  So very 1960s-egg-roll-on-the-south-lawn   The sleeves make moving my arms relatively uncomfortable, but […]

I want to start this by saying this is based on my own experience and extrapolation.  I’m not researching this, so take it more as a personal account than a generalization of women in their mid-twenties.   I was laying in bed last night, fretting about what I will do when I’m old.  If I […]

Something really exciting is happening right now.  I’m sitting at a desk.  In my own bedroom.  I’ve been rearranging my space for 3 days straight, and while I’m not done yet, I’m so excited to finally have a clean desk that I can work at.  Browsing the internet from my bed is great and all, but I […]

Hey guys, I just wanted to drop in and let you know that my archives are expanding!  If you look at the menu, there’s a “Dress Me Up Dollie” tab–you can read all my old posts from the Dollie blogs there!  I’ll be back soon with more current events and personal style!

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I’m a little uncertain about this top.  I really liked the idea of it being oversized when I bought it, but recently I’ve been feeling like it just looks like a floral tent.  And it’s too short to belt.  It looks good tucked into a skirt, though!

On Sunday, I was listening to “Nobody Knows Me at All” by The Weepies, and it sort of dawned on me–nobody knows me entirely. I’m pretty sure that the entire me is out there, in the ways different people know me, but in my entirety? I don’t think even my closest friends know everything about […]

Gosh, so here’s a teeny-tiny picture of me from the summer before my senior year in college.  I really can’t believe it’s been 5 years since that summer, which was an oddly great one.  This was taken just weeks before I left for China. This outfit didn’t need much re-styling, frankly if I still had […]